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 ​If you have been  arrested and charged with a crime,  I can help you.   I have years of experience in the criminal justice system, first as a prosecutor and later as a criminal defense attorney.

As a prosecutor, I handled hundreds of cases for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in New York City.  I brought numerous misdemeanor and felony cases to trial and maintained a 99% success rate.    Most importantly, my years as a prosecutor taught me what the State must do to meet its high burden of proof  to obtain a conviction.

Now as a criminal defense attorney, I use this experience to zealously defend my clients.  I have the skills to analyze a case from both sides and can determine potential weaknesses in the State's case.  I understand that the court system can be overwhelming and intimidating, and I work hard to  ensure that my clients understand all of their options.  

In addition to my criminal law background, I spent years in Family Court investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect.  If you are being questioned by the Department of Children and Family Services,  you are probably devastated by the thought of having your children removed from your care and custody.  You need legal representation.  Call my office to arrange an appointment so that I can help you navigate through this frightening experience.